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19/03/2018 - Perfect timing

A couple of years ago when I was living in Leicester, a friend of mine introduced me to a live session of a band (see below) and I was instantly gripped.

The band in question He Was Eaten by Owls, eventually played Leicester to a crowd of 5 people (put on by yours truly). They have since released a full record with their humble two-piece songs fleshed out with orchestral beauty.

Me and the guitarist, Kyle, have remained in contact and fondly speak now and then. I asked Kyle if they still had any LPs left of their record and here we are!

You can now find He Was Eaten by Owls on our store and at local gigs/record fairs!


Posted on March 19th, 2018
16/03/2018 - The party has arrived!

Hey hey,

So Marty Toner aka Party Marty (Nottingham promoter Buttonpusher, instrumental band a-tota-so) recently reached out to me to get some Alright the Captain stuff thrown out into the ethos again. This dude is one of the nicest guys in the scene and it's great news to know that a DIY staple will be playing shows again!

Alright the Captain's Contact Fix is available on Blue LP on our store and at any record stalls we have - limited stock!

Posted on March 16th, 2018
15/03/18 - Delays & expansion

It's been a while! There's been a few changes and some revamps.


The website has been down for a while as it was going to be moved over to Wordpress, however, there have been some unexpected delays with it. So in the meantime, it'll be on Limited Run for the foreseeable future. It has been changed around a bit, seeing what funky stuff can be added. Let us know what you think!

Barely Regal Expansion!

Whilst the site has been down, we've teamed up with Barely Regal Records to add a few more bands on the website. So you can have a ganders!


Football, etc.


More news soon about upcoming treats and what we have planned, so stay tuned!


Posted on March 15th, 2018